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We are prerared to meet your needs.

We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with a variety of custom services.
We are propered to make samples and reliable cost estimates,handle storage and
shipment of our customers' products to order. Our experience has helped us broaden
our services, develop our technology, and create our flexible system.
At Sanwa, our goal is to meet your request perfectly.

Company Overview
Trade Name Sanwa Kakoshi Co.,LTD
Headquarters 1000-7 Emmyo-cho,Kashiwara-shi,OSAKA,582-0027 JAPAN
Founded May, 1957
Capital 17million
Number of Employees ‚R‚O
Company Land 2,000m2
Affiliated Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,Fujiidera Branch
Kinki Osaka Bank, Ltd, Yao Branch
Japam Finance Corporation for Small and
Medium Enterprise, Higashi-Osaka Branch
Related Company Sanwa Roshisho Corp.iCapital:14.7 millionj
Products Dry-lamination(Aluminum Leaf / Film / Paper)
Wax-lamination(Aluminum Leaf / Film / Paper)
Stripe Finishing(Aluminum Leaf / Film / Paper)
Silicone Coating
Printing(Two-color printing)
May, 1957 The company Sanwa Roshisyo Corp. was established in Higashi-Yodogawa, Osaka as a wax paper prossing company.
Starting capital was 500,000.
August, 1962 The headquarters were moved to Higashi-Sumiyoshi,Osaka.
The capital increased to 1 million.
March, 1973 An Aluminum foil wax mounting machine with a hot-melting treatment was addad.
The capital increased to 2 million.
January, 1975 The capital increased to 5 milliom.
May, 1975 Sanwa Kakoshi Co., LTD was established for cliental in the Kanto area.
Starting capital was 1 million.
January, 1977 A second aluminum mounting machine was added.
Sanwa Roshisho Corp.'s capital increased to 14.7milliom.
October, 1979 The headquarters moved to its current location in Osaka.
August, 1980 A dry lamination machine was added.
December, 1982 A new aluminum foil wax mounting machine with hot-melting treatment was added.
December, 1986 An embossment machine was added.
August, 1991 Sanwa Kakoshi Co., LTD's capital increased to 10 million
July, 1993 The buildings at the factory were remodeled to meet environmental sanitation standards.
August, 1993 A dry lamination machine was added.
December, 1993 The company was certified for its gTreatment Hygiene Maibtenanceh.
May, 1995 Construction Completed on a socond facility.
May, 1996 Construction Completed on a third facility.
October, 1997 Sanwa Kakoshi increased its capital to 1.7 million.
August, 2002 The company was certified for its gISO9001:2000h.
March, 2003 The Nireco inspection machine was added.
June, 2006 An embossment machine was exchanged.
August, 2007 The inside of a factory was carried out in reconstruction construction.
August, 2011 The company was certified for its gISO9001:2008h.
November, 2011 VOC was installed and the operation started.
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